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Top 10 Options

If you haven’t yet read it, go read the Task list page, as it offers all-free, all-around better, & less desperate options than the ones listed here. We advise that you attempt every one of those tasks before even considering the options on this page. Once you’ve exhausted all of those methods, then it's time to pick one of these.

More ways to avoid foreclosure!

The following options are listed in what is generally thought to be the order of worst to best, meaning that the higher up the option is on this list, the worse off your future will turn out for doing it. However, there are always exceptions, and we have no way of being sure of the best order in your particular case. For instance, you may not be attached at all to your home but maintaining your family boundaries is very important to you. So in that case, it may be a better option to sell your home than to borrow from your family. Simply use your common sense and try your hardest to stay away from the options towards the top of this list!

Note: All of these options assume that you are doing your best already to make money to pay off the debt. The point is to pick the one lowest down on the list that you are able to do. 

Looking to buy or sell a home?


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Option #10. Let it go to Foreclosure
Option #9. Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
Option #8. File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Option #7. Refinance to get another 1st loan
Option #6. Borrow on Credit cards or some other type of loan
Option #5. File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
Option #4. Work with an Investor
Option #3. Selling your home the traditional way
Option #2. Borrow money from family or friends
Option #1. Accept our help