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  • This page is meant as a quick ‘to-do’ task list for you to get up to speed and be ready for what you have to do next. Naturally different people who read this will have different options available to them because they are at different points in their foreclosure process, however, these are the steps everyone should start with before going any further.
  • Credit Restoration is a way to increase a credit score, usually from a low credit score to a much higher credit score. Why is credit restoration important? When a homeowner is in foreclosure, the lender report foreclosure to the credit bureaus. This significantly lowers the homeowner's credit score and put a mark on his or her credit report making it difficult to borrow any money in the near future.
  • Where to find home foreclosures help? Home foreclosures help is usually just as close as your local yellow pages, but you need to know a few things about the people offering it first or you could be in worse trouble than when you started.
  • Lots of people talk about Bank of America foreclosure because many of the homes have been foreclosed by Bank of America. When home values went up, Bank of America was giving mortgages to many people to buy homes. Now that the home values have dropped significantly, people cannot afford their mortgage payments and Bank of America forecloses on their homes.
  • With the current housing market problem and more people in foreclosure, there are more and more people who need help to save their homes. Helping people in foreclosure is a priority in order for the economy to recover. One problem is that most people who need help with foreclosure do not want help until it is too late.
  • There are many ways of how churches can help people going through foreclosure. Sometimes, people going through foreclosure need help beyond monetary. They need to have faith and need to believe that things will be alright. Churches can be there for these people and helping them through hard times.
  • The foreclosure process for a home in the United States varies from state to state, and sometimes individual counties have different processes from each other as well. In New Jersey and a few other small states in the Northeast the process is different in the individual townships!
  • Maybe it’s the huge population in California, or perhaps it’s just the inflated price of our real estate, but one of the most asked questions in the United States for real estate investors these days is: “What is the California foreclosure process?”
  • Despite all the hype about investing in foreclosure homes, foreclosure homes are not pretty. Below are some pictures of foreclosure homes. When you see a foreclosure home that has not been remodelled by the bank or a real estate investor, you will see the story of the family that lived there and were evicted out of their home.
  • Below are some more photos of foreclosure homes. Foreclosure homes are not beautiful homes. Foreclosure homes often need major repairs and many homeowners thrash the homes before they moved out on eviction notices.
  • Below are more pics of foreclosure homes. Although many real estate gurus advertise many different ways to invest in foreclosure homes, be prepared that these are the homes that had stories and are most likely to need major repairs.