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  • Lots of people talk about Bank of America foreclosure because many of the homes have been foreclosed by Bank of America. When home values went up, Bank of America was giving mortgages to many people to buy homes. Now that the home values have dropped significantly, people cannot afford their mortgage payments and Bank of America forecloses on their homes.

  • Many foreclosed homeowners started out as being just slightly behind in their mortgage payments. Being behind in mortgage payments is stressful and as a result, most people push it out of their mind for as long as they could. Most people wait for far too long to ask for help. By the time they ask for behind in payment mortgage help, it is often too late and foreclosure is just around the corner.

  • Maybe it’s the huge population in California, or perhaps it’s just the inflated price of our real estate, but one of the most asked questions in the United States for real estate investors these days is: “What is the California foreclosure process?”

  • This page is meant as a quick ‘to-do’ task list for you to get up to speed and be ready for what you have to do next. Naturally different people who read this will have different options available to them because they are at different points in their foreclosure process, however, these are the steps everyone should start with before going any further.

  • You can contact us 24-7, whenever you have questions about your foreclosure. You can find a top realtor who can help you find a solution to your foreclosure below. Finding a realtor is a free service. You should choose a realtor whom you are comfortable with.

  • Credit Restoration is a way to increase a credit score, usually from a low credit score to a much higher credit score. Why is credit restoration important? When a homeowner is in foreclosure, the lender report foreclosure to the credit bureaus. This significantly lowers the homeowner's credit score and put a mark on his or her credit report making it difficult to borrow any money in the near future.

  • When you are facing foreclosure, it is more important than ever to find the right realtor to help you. Bear in mind that some realtors will have more experience with foreclosure situations than others. The more experienced realtors can better advice you on what to do to save your home from foreclosure or to avoid or get out of foreclosure.

  • Where are you in the countdown to Foreclosure? There is a foreclosure timeline in common with most foreclosure situations in California. It can differ slightly, depending on a particular lender. For instance, this timeline can extend to much longer than the example given below if your lender decides to change the auction date, which it could do for various reasons.

  • The foreclosure process for a home in the United States varies from state to state, and sometimes individual counties have different processes from each other as well. In New Jersey and a few other small states in the Northeast the process is different in the individual townships!

  • Information on foreclosures to help homeowners prevent foreclosure. Homeowners have so many options to get out of foreclosure. Most avoid foreclosures help are free.