Foreclosure help
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Home Foreclosures Help

Where to find home foreclosures help?

Home foreclosures help is usually just as close as your local yellow pages, but you need to know a few things about the people offering it first or you could be in worse trouble than when you started.

For instance, if you need home foreclosure help and call the first Realtor in the book, it is in their best interest to put your house on the market at below cost and you’ll wind up owning more money than you do now in the long run.

If you ask a Lender for foreclosure help, it could be even worse. Lenders need to make some money themselves, but more than that, the loan they find you will rack up some very large interest rate that you most likely won’t be able to pay off in just a few months from now, no matter how affordable the first payment is. See Bank of America Foreclosure and helping people in foreclosure.

So who do you call for foreclosures help?

Skip by all the lenders, real estate agents, and other industries put there just to profit from your loss and turn to the real estate investing section. See also how churches can help people going through foreclosure.

Perhaps online would be an even better place to search, because the people you are looking for is your local chapter of a real estate investors club.

If you happen across a real estate investor on his own, or one not associated with any clubs or organizations, then he may not be trustworthy, so do your due diligence to see if this person can be held accountable for cheating you.

If he or she is involved with an organization that knows that person, ask him or her if they can do a “short sale” on your home.

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