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Home Foreclosures Help

Is short sale a home foreclosure help?

A real estate Short sale is a process where an investor talks your mortgage holder(s) into making your debt smaller so that they can purchase it from you for a reasonable price.

It’s not  a fast process, but once your bank sees that you’ve got an interested buyer, they can put your foreclosure process on hold and you’ll be basically living rent free during that time… Of course the outcome is that you’ll be selling your home, and that’s the main reason that many people who need home foreclosures help won’t take the trouble to attempt a short sale, and that of course leads to the worst possible fate, that of foreclosure.

Don’t make that mistake! Think hard about it… If you go to foreclosure, it is quite literally certain that you will not own your own home in this country for at least ten more years… Even if you make 3 times your best salary next year, you’ll be denied a mortgage loan for 10 years in every state here, period.

Add to the fact that you’ll still be in great debt, and if you are upside-down in your home before you foreclose, you bank can Sue you for the difference! All around, there is no worse financial fate than a foreclosure.

Now consider the short sale route. Your investor does most of the work while you live rent free for a few months. He negotiates the amount of your debt down for you and then pays that amount for you to move away scott-free into a new life that you can afford, without any blemishes on your credit whatsoever. You can buy a home next month if you’d like, of course you wouldn’t want to ask the same bank for your next mortgage!

So in summary, consider a short sale as the way to go when you find yourself in need for some home foreclosures help. You still have to be careful about finding one you can trust, but when you do find a trustworthy one, you’ll be much better off than you possibly could in any other scenario.

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