Foreclosure help

Helping People in Foreclosure

With the current housing market problem and more people in foreclosure, there are more and more people who need help to save their homes. Helping people in foreclosure is a priority in order for the economy to recover. One problem is that most people who need help with foreclosure do not want help until it is too late.

If you think you will not be able to pay mortgage payments, the easiest way is to try to sell your home. Find out how much your home is worth before you put it on the market - it is a free service below.


If you need help from a realtor, you can find a good but affordable one here.

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Reasons why people would say no to foreclosure help

The numbers below are for information only. It is general, not specific to anyone's situation.

68% Will just ignore the problem and put it off for later
28% Are in denial about the foreclosure situation
17% Say do not need any foreclosure help
7% Procrastinate
6% Too embarrassed to ask for help
5% Afraid to ask for help
61% Unaware that there are options that could help them