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Foreclosure Clock

Where are you in the countdown to Foreclosure?

When you are facing the prospect of foreclosure, you need to examine the foreclosure clock which will tell you where you are at in the timeline for foreclosure. When you miss a mortgage payment, your foreclosure clock will begin ticking and your foreclosure timeline started. The Timeline for Foreclosure page will outline exactly what happens in the foreclosure process.

Foreclosure timeline

The timeline for foreclosure shown on this site is similar to most foreclosure situations in California and many other states. The timelines for foreclosure  can differ slightly, depending on a particular lender who is foreclosing. For instance, this timeline for foreclosure can extend to much longer than the example given below if your lender decides to change the auction date, which they could do for various reasons.

Some mortgage agreements require that the foreclosure process go through the courts instead of being settled in the normal procedure outlined below... That is a rare instance, however, so the process on this page is strictly for the non-judicial process of foreclosure.

It is very important to know at which point you currently stand in the foreclosure timeline, as it will determine which remaining options you have available to you. Please take the time to find out exactly what point you are at on the timeline for foreclosure chart below before reading the other pages on our website.

Partial payment..

Remember, when partial payment is sent in, it doesn’t count as a payment yet until you’ve sent in enough money to equal a whole payment, unless specifically told otherwise by your lender. Having it in writing will ensure that the lender will not legally take action against you. If you are allowed a “Skip payment,” then treat that as if you hit the ‘pause button,’ meaning that it does not reset the process.