Foreclosure help
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Credit Restoration

Within a good credit restoration program, there will be a team of expert credit repair specialists who will continuously battle with your creditors over the period of one year or more to make sure that not only all of the erroneous lines are completely removed, but that all of the legitimate, bad-looking lines will be either removed or amended to be ‘shown in the best light possible.’

Many people find that services like this increases their credit score from ‘horrible’ to ‘above average,’ and that’s why the normal price for it is $5,000.00.

However, you can duplicate all the processes yourself by battling with the credit bureaus yourself and sending them letters whenever you find mistakes or items that can be changed. Find out what marks are on your credit report for free below. 

Why do you need good credit?

Good credit is important for many things, not just for borrowing money, so it is important to have good credit these days. We have gone through credit restoration ourselves and it has helped us reduced our interest payment more than we could ever imagined.

Many people offer homeowners in distress immediate solutions such as a new loan or a poorly-financed house. However, we have found that what a homeowner really needs is a long-term solution. Homeowners in your situation need to be assured that:

  1. They will be ok.
  2. The problem is temporary.
  3. They will be able to borrow again, and
  4. They will be able to purchase another home soon.

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