Foreclosure help
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Credit Restoration

The best credit restoration program is a free credit restoration program, of course. However, hardly anything is free in the credit repair market and if you happen to find a credit restoration service or program that is free, they probably have a clause somewhere that makes it not free after all.

While most of the credit restoration services cost money, you can learn how to improve your credit for free and do it yourself. You can send letters to credit bureaus just as well as they can.

Credit repair for both you and your spouse

When repairing your credit, you should repair your spouse's credit at the same time especially if you both have joint ownership of the home in foreclosure and both your credit scores are likely brought down as a result of foreclosure.

Credit repair usually takes a few months before your credit and your spouse's credit will be tremendously improved and you will be right back on track to getting another loan from the bank to obtain your next dream home.

Don't pay for a task list for credit repair

When homeowners are desperate, they are often victims of credit repair programs that prey on their situations. Do not make the mistake of paying credit restoration companies that offer a task list of things to say and do to your creditors yourself in order to ask for some things to be taken off your credit report, when possible. Many credit restoration companies offer just advice and things to do and at the end of the day, you will have to all of them yourself and some of the things on the list are next to impossible to do yourself.

What to look for in a credit restoration program

A good credit restoration program should take relatively long for the process to complete so skip unrealistic ads. A powerful credit repair program in North America should be backed-up by a solid guarantee to improve your credit within a specified period of time. If after that time, you see no results, you should get your money back.

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