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Foreclosures are now threatening a large number of homes every day everywhere in the United States, not just in Southern California alone! If you are facing foreclosure, you are certainly not alone, but the bad news is that there is a lot of bad advice out there and it’s hard to know what to do next. One great rule of thumb is: Another loan, including a refinance, can only make things worse. You will find no shortage of people who want to sell you one.

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You have more options than you think...

You really do have more options than you think, but there will be fewer options available every day that you wait! If you are willing to sell your home, it is likely that you’ve got enough time left to push off the auction date to allow more time to choose. (Which, by the way, doesn’t have to mean moving out!)

Understanding how foreclosure works is key. You can learn about foreclosure and the foreclosure process by visiting How Does Foreclosure Work? After you understand what foreclosure is and how it works, you can find your current place on the timeline for foreclosure. Once you know how long you’ve got before the auction, weigh all of your available options by visiting the Behind in Payments Mortgage Help and the Top 10 Options. See also, Bank of American Foreclosure.

Save yourself from financial hardship...

You might notice that this site has a lot of useful information to help you understand your options when facing foreclosure without any thick legal jargon. There are lots of helpful, plain-english advice about how to save your home, your pride, your bank account, and even your credit rating from foreclosure. You owe it to yourself to read this valuable information, it is all free. Once you have read about all the different options to avoid foreclosure, you can get a free home valuation as well as find the right realtor to help you get out of foreclousure.

Without this knowledge, you are very likely to make a mistake that you may never recover from, and one from which will be certain to keep you in financial hardship for the next decade.

Foreclosure is just not necessary! You can beat this thing, by understaing, getting the right kind of help, and using some of the simple, free steps mentioned on this website. Even if you are just six days away from eviction, you’ve still got options you may not be aware of. Knowledge is the key, and it’s all written down here on this one website for you.

Save yourself from FORECLOSURE!

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